05 February 2013

A Step in the Right Direction

We have been living in this big, beautiful house on 5 acres for about 9 months now.
During the summer and fall, it was amaaaazing. We had a big, beautiful, productive garden. Nick had a beautiful office.
The kids have thrived in the homesteading life.
But the winter months have proven to us how excessive this space is for one family plus one grandmother. When we moved in, we dreamed of having another family live here with us to share the 5400 square feet, or to finish the basement and use it as WWOOFer accommodations and a yoga studio. However, Nick works a hard 15-20 hours a week work trade towards rent for us to be able to live here, and I work three days a week, so we haven't been left with much spare time to grow in the directions we would like to grow. We knew that leaving this place would mean we had found something even better for us, and we have. I am excited to announce that next month, we are moving to Hopewell, OR to be the caretakers at Bella Vie Gentle Birth Center. You know you love your job when you jump at the chance to move in as soon as the position opens up! I am looking forward to having my family close by while I'm at work. I'm looking forward to walking home for dinner, and walking back to teach my natural childbirth classes. Most of all, I'm looking forward to having more Nick in my life! We are better when we are able to spend more time together. Bella Vie comes with a built-in community of amazing people and families, and we are excited to provide more opportunities for these alternatively minded folks to meet up. It also so happens that the caretaker residence is in need of serious improvements, and we are exploring our options to possibly replace the current house with an energy efficient straw bale house. Ahhhh, our dreams of a natural home might eventuate this year. Life is so good.