28 December 2010

Eli being adorable

The walk

One super cold day last week, we decided to walk to the shops to buy some baking materials. The littlies hopped into the wagon, and Nate pulled it almost the whole way there.

Best walk ever.

Look at this happy guy:

And these two lucky little siblings:

Christmas, Part 2: The City Tree Lighting

There were some holiday crafts at the library (reindeer headgear):

Some super cute family moments:

Santa and Mrs. Claus (allegedly):

And a giant living Christmas tree in the park:

Christmas, Part 1: The Tree

07 December 2010

Reading and writing

Nate is reading so much now. It's amazing to me that 6 months ago he was not at all interested in reading, and upon discovery of comic books, he decided he could read.

Writing, though, has been something that he loses patience with very quickly. For awhile (in the pre-reading days) we had him doing workbook stuff to get him used to writing, but he absolutely hated it. I completely dropped it.

Yesterday he was filling in the information on a family tree birthday card that my mom gave him. I commented that he has really neat handwriting (he does). He said, "I just want to practice writing a bit more so that it gets easier. I want to like to write."

Blew my mind. What a smart kid. I'm so glad I laid off.

05 December 2010