17 July 2012

We're back, baby!!

Sooooo...... WE HAVE THE INTERNET!! It is exciting to have this connectivity after a year of not having the internet at home.

So what's new? We moved. We're not building our cob house anymore, although we are looking forward to a cob pizza oven project later this summer. I'm working as an office manager at a lovely country birth center and inching (more like millimetering) my way through midwifery studies, picking things up through osmosis, listening to women roaring out their babies while I sit at my desk. I took a yoga teacher training and am currently teaching prenatal yoga at the birth center, which I love more than I can describe.

Nate and Maya have moved on to novels. Eli is a geographical genius and can point out any country you name within a fraction of a second. Nick is a farmer. We have an amazing garden. Our dog lives the dog's life. My mom moved in and we're stoked about it. Our whole giant house is wired for sound. We have a nice deck and a beautiful view of Mt Hood. We live much closer to our friends in Portland. And now we have the internet! Life is good.

So that's what's new. What's new with you?

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